All Evolve clinicians have specialized training in the treatment of depression, anxiety and eating disorders. For those struggling with disordered eating, we offer a team approach that supports our clients in achieving swifter improvement in their physical and mental health. We provide individual, group and nutrition therapy utilizing evidence-based techniques. Our clients are often new to recovery or have had supportive treatment in the past, but would like to revisit or deepen their recovery.


Shrein Bahrami, LMFT, Evolve Founder

I founded Evolve Wellness to ease the process of finding excellent outpatient treatment for adults struggling with eating disorders. My team is made up of talented clinicians who specialize in healing disordered eating utilizing evidence-based techniques alongside mindfulness and Health at Every Size approaches. We offer individual, group and nutrition counseling and do our best to connect clients with additional services in the bay area. Learn more »





Erika Bent, LPCC, LMFT, CEDS, Therapist

I specialize in working with individuals with eating disorders and body image concerns as well as extensive experience working with individuals with anxiety, mood disorders, life transitions, and relational challenges. My treatment philosophy is collaborative; empowering individuals to cultivate their own unique path to wellness. I draw from different therapeutic modalities based on the needs of each individual client. The empirically-supported treatments I work from include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Family Based Treatment (FBT), and mindfulness-based techniques. Learn more »



Sarah Calloway, LCSW, Individual & Couples Therapist

Challenging times in our lives can sometimes feel endless and are often painful. With help, these periods can provide opportunities for healing, change and more intentional connection to yourself, others and the world around you. Whatever your reasons for seeking help, I will greet you with warmth, authenticity and compassion. I work collaboratively with you throughout the process and provide a safe, nonjudgmental place to address the struggles you are facing. Some of the areas I specialize in include: trauma, eating disorders, body image, depression, anxiety, gender and sexuality concerns, relationship issues, addiction and recovery concerns. Learn more »



Anna Clark, LMFT, Therapist

My goal is to create a safe, accepting space for my clients where they feel comfortable to show all of themselves and explore what is distressing. Together we can work through  what is getting in the way of feeling the happiness and peace you desire and how to remove those obstacles.  I work with people struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating to heal their relationship with themselves, their bodies, and their food.  Learn more »




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Cora Keene, LMFT, Individual & Couples Therapist

I am passionate about supporting and empowering people to connect with themselves and their community. Utilizing a compassion-focused, systemic approach, I work collaboratively with individuals, couples, and families to connect, grow, and heal toward their highest self. Working with clients to set their goals and identify strengths, I enhance my work with evidenced-based therapies including CBT, Mindfulness and Emotion focused practices. I believe in the power of showing up in your life fully, authentically – nourishing your body, heart, and mind.  Learn more »



Kari Floberg, LMFT,  Individual & Group Therapist

There are many stressors in life related to family, work and cultural environments that create obstacles and conflict in oneself: a pressure to behave a certain way and hide other parts of oneself. This can cause a lot of anxiety and discord in a person. I believe uncovering these places of conflict and learning how to manage difficult feelings, in a safe and nurturing relationship, can bring relief from symptoms such as eating disorders, anxiety, addiction, and depression. Learn more »




Rochelle Greenhagen, LMFT,  Individual & Group Therapist

I feel passionate about empowering people to love and accept themselves. By putting clients back in touch with their true desires, I strive to help them live more fully and genuinely. My style is warm, intuitive, relational, and heart-centered. I believe therapy is best when it is a highly collaborative experience in which both therapist and client work together to better understand what will facilitate healing. My training has been focused in psychodynamic, transpersonal, and humanistic approaches as well as evidenced-based eating disorder therapy techniques. Learn more »




Nicole Klawitter, Registered Dietitian

My goal is to create an understanding and relationship with food and nutrition based on individual needs and evidenced based nutrition information. I want my clients to appreciate the role balanced nutrition can play in one’s physical and emotional health. By developing supportive, simple strategies and non-diet approaches to eating, I help individuals create a relationship with food based on nourishment rather than deprivation. Learn more »




Lauren Korshak, LMFT, Individual & Couples Therapist

I work with couples, groups, families, and individuals struggling with eating disorders, addiction, transition, career, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. My training in somatic psychotherapy forms the basis of my work and leads to an intuitive, holistic, non-judgmental, and spiritual style of working that helps my clients achieve deep and lasting results.  Learn more »




Natalie Makardish, MA, RYT, Behavioral Health Counselor & Yoga Therapist

My work focuses on the integration of mind and body through a collaborative journey of  somatic and Jungian-inspired art therapies. I believe in loving ourselves in our darkest spaces; embracing the strength of our shadows; and redirecting that negative energy toward a resilient, empowered Self. I support my clients in exploring their relationship with their behavior. Through compassionate guidance, they are able to view and better understand their unconscious intentions. Creating the space for change and a more conscious, intentional, and nourishing life.  Learn more »




Ana Mazdyasni, LMFT, Therapist

I have a particular interest and specialty in working with Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders (binge eating, bingeing/purging, yo-yo dieting, restricting, compulsive overeating or overexercise), Perfectionism, Anxiety, Stress Management/Overwhelm, Work/Life Balance, Relationships and Dating, Identity and Purpose, and Life Transitions. In our work together, I blend the evidence-based approaches of Solution-Focused, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral (DBT) with Narrative and Mindfulness-Based therapies. Learn more »




Jennifer Simmons, Intake Coordinator

As the first point of contact for our clients, my style is relaxed, welcoming and compassionate. My goal during our initial call is to create a safe, comfortable space in which I can learn about the struggles you are facing and help guide you towards finding the appropriate support. I believe everyone has a unique path and individual road to recovery. I am grateful to be a part of our clients process of healing.