My goal is to help you discover that eating is not something that needs to be mastered and perfected. It’s not something that defines who you are as a person. And it does not need to consume every part of your life. 

Most people come to me and tell me “I know what to do… I just need to do it or I can’t do it.” My interventions do not focus on “what to do,” my focus is on building your confidence with building skills on “how to eat.”

How I work

Think of nutrition as a skillful practice that evolves over time. It’s like learning a new sport, like basketball. As a coach, I will encourage you to practice taking care of yourself with nutrition and will build your skill set in the following areas:

  • Food management – shop, plan for meals and snacks, and create a structure so that you can eat at predictable times
  • Food variety – slowly add in food that you may have reduced or eliminated because of dieting, challenge food rules you may have grown up with, or slowly integrate forbidden foods in a balanced way
  • Internal regulation – connect with hunger and fullness cues and arrive to your meals feeling ready to eat, not overly hungry, and not full
  • Eating attitudes – give yourself permission to eat… the foods you truly want to eat

The highlight of our work will include experiential learning, where you will practice any one of these skills outside of our sessions, then your experiences then guide our sessions forward.

My approach is to individualize care, take a non-diet stance, promote weight neutrality, challenge thoughts about food, eating, and nutrition, and provide practical guidance on how to bring more structure and balance to your eating.

My Why

As people embark on their eating disorder recovery journey, the space that once housed their eating disorder opens up to new possibilities. And this is what I find deeply satisfying, to witness people rediscover a part of themselves that was once dormant.

I love that the main nutrition education really focuses on supporting people in trusting themselves and listening to their own needs. If you would like to get started working with me, check out our page regarding nutrition counseling or click below to schedule an intake call. 

License & Education

  •       Registered Dietitian (RD), CDR 1016009
  •       Bachelor of Arts, Latin American Studies, UC Berkeley
  •       Bachelor of Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Loma Linda University
  •       Master of Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Loma Linda University
  •       Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES)
  •       Board Certification in Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM)
  •       Certified insulin pump trainer: Medtronic, Omnipod, Tandem
  •       Affiliate, Ellyn Satter Institute
  •       Associate, Ellyn Satter Institute

Training & Experience

2018-current –Virtual Clinical Insulin Pump Trainer, Tandem Diabetes Care, Scott Township, PA

2020 – Author, Eating and Thriving With Diabetes: A Coached Meal Group

2020-2021 – Diabetes Educator Specialist, Geisinger Medical Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA

2019-2021 – Registered Dietitian, Virtual Private Practice specializing in eating disorders, Scott Township, PA

2017-2019 – Diabetes Educator, Registered Dietitian, Cleveland Clinic Institute of Metabolism, Cleveland, OH

2016-2017 – Diabetes Educator, Registered Dietitian, Asante Diabetes Care Center, Medford, OR

2015-2016 – Registered Dietitian, Private Practice, San Francisco, CA

2013-2016 – Registered Dietitian, Center for Anorexia and Bulimia, Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkeley, CA

2012-2013 – Registered Dietitian, La Ventana Eating Disorder Treatment Programs, San Francisco, CA

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Client Testimonials

Anny is incredibly knowledgeable and also approachable at the same time. She provides compassionate and effective help with many great ideas that I still use today in my recovery!  I would highly recommend Anny for anyone coping with disordered eating.

-Trish K.

I stumbled into Anny’s office in my late 30s a bit desperate and broken from my disordered eating. In spite of the books I had read, my previous work in a binge eating program, and my understanding of nutrition: I had settled into a pattern of nightly binges and it was taking a toll on my body. Anny is a ray of light and a tsunami of positive energy. She introduced me to meditation. She helped me to reintroduce food and redefine my relationship around eating. Most importantly, she gave me the necessary tools that helped me give myself grace and compassion.

Anny was my emotional warrior as I began to redefine how I live in relation to food. When I would begin to beat myself up: She would counter with 5 times the positive energy. And when the exasperation was too much I could cry. Her office was a beautiful, empathetic, safe space for me.

 I credit Anny as THE PERSON who helped me into recovery from binge eating. She helped me to permanently restructure my thoughts around food. She helped me break down the power my disorder had over me by becoming comfortable talking about it to her and my family support. I gained so much control I was able to healthily lose weight and reverse nearly all of the diet based medical problems I had. Sure I can stumble here and there but I have learned so many tools (Especially grace and compassion.) that I am able to self correct quickly.

To put it simply: For me, Anny was exactly what I needed every step of the way. I am able to live differently now with more freedom and less restrictions. I could not recommend anyone more highly.



The first time I walked into Anny’s office, I was trembling with fear and unsure whether I was truly ready to tackle the eating disorder that had been both a companion and an enemy for nearly 13 years.  I was met with a strong handshake, warm smile and left with a glimmer of hope for a future I had only dreamed of…one of recovery and wholeness.

During the time I worked with Anny, she challenged me to challenge myself in ways I didn’t think possible, nor would I ever have attempted to do without her leading.  There were many tears, some pushback, lots of attempting to negotiate, and ultimately I was continually met with strength and grace.  Anny “won” a lot of our battles, yet she reminded me that it was my strength that was moving me forward. 

When Anny moved out of state and we had to discontinue our time together, I thought I wouldn’t be able to go on without her care, but knew I had to continue fighting for health and working toward my ultimate goals.  There were definitely ups and downs, but the foundation Anny helped me build was one I wasn’t willing to sacrifice so I continued pursuing recovery, ultimately leading me to an EDIOP program.

I graduated in five months and have been stable pursuing and thriving in recovery for the past four years.  As I sit here pregnant with our second child (dreams that were only possible with recovery), I am so grateful for the foundational work I was able to complete with Anny that led me to where I am today. She will always be a part of my story, and for that I am forever grateful.

-Ashley L


I’ve coordinated care with Anny with three shared clients, and Anny has been one of the most caring and proactive clinicians I’ve coordinated with. Her level of preparation and thoughtfulness in her work with clients clearly stands out to me. Additionally, the combination of Anny’s humility as a person and her expertise, talent, and desire to give the best care to her clients makes her an incredible provider and one I would highly recommend!

-Talia Recht, MFT