Online Therapy

You may be wondering what the experience of online therapy is like and if it is as helpful as traditional in-person therapy.

Many research studies have shown that online therapy can be just as effective, particularly when using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Additionally, there are several positive benefits to online therapy:

+ No commute

+ Being in your home environment may feel more cozy and relaxed

+ Greater anonymity – no waiting room

+ More flexible scheduling options

+ Some find it easier to disclose private information online vs. in person

When you reach out to Evolve, we will discuss with you your preferences for online therapy and match you with a clinician who best fits your needs and schedule. Once you and your clinician are confirmed to start, you will be given a link to meet with your therapist at the agreed upon time via an online platform like Zoom. Here are some tips for making the most of your virtual session:

  • Try to remove any distractions
  • Sit in a comfortable, quiet area
  • Let any housemates know you will be unavailable for the next hour
  • Hang a “do not disturb” sign on your door
  • Silence your phone
  • Check that the volume on your computer or headset is working properly
  • Minimize or place a Post-it on the portion of the screen if you are uncomfortable looking at yourself


Below are a few articles regarding online therapy including an article in which Evolve Wellness founder, Shrein Bahrami, is interviewed on how online therapy has created a more personal experience for both the client and the therapist.


¬†“I am so so grateful for finding Evolve wellness and my clinician has helped me make tremendous improvements in my life!”