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Consultation for Eating Disorder Treatment

We understand how difficult the process of getting support for healing an eating disorder can be. There are a lot of options and it can feel overwhelming to know what is the right path to take depending on your unique situation.

Evolve’s clinicians have worked in a variety of treatment settings and understand all that must come together to have a successful experience leading to recovery. We know that deciding to commit the time and investment in recovery is not always easy, but that it is worth it for one’s health and quality of life. Whether you work with an Evolve clinician or find support elsewhere, we are happy to share resources in order to find the right support for you.

On our resources page, we share treatment programs, books, and other recommended tools to help you learn more about healing an eating disorder. You are welcome to sign up for our monthly newsletter where we share current resources and support options as well as follow us on social media for helpful articles related to recovery. We also have a blog with several posts related to the recovery process.

We offer one-time or ongoing support for those concerned about a loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder. We can help answer questions regarding navigating treatment options as well as eating disorder prevention and recovery education.

To learn more, reach out to us via our contact page to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call.

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