Career Coaching

Coaching can be very effective in helping you identify and reach career or life goals. It can also support you in changing old patterns and behaviors that you know aren’t working for you. In a larger sense, it can help you identify and create the lifestyle you truly want and deserve.

It’s a tricky tightrope to navigate, achieving career success and also maintaining healthy work/life boundaries. Whether it’s navigating a toxic work environment or achieving specific goals like earning a promotion or a raise, working with a coach can help you make choices that will improve your chances for success.

Working with a career coach will help you in:

  • highlighting your value
  • getting clear on your vision
  • finding your voice with your peers and supervisors
  • how to take care of yourself and avoid burnout

Check out this article sharing more reasons why career coaching is worthwhile.

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Over a set number of coaching sessions, you’ll work with your coach to clarify the areas you want to focus on, deep-dive to uncover blocks, and implement strategies.

You’ll leave each session with concrete steps to take that will move you closer to your goals. Your coach may provide you with detailed session summaries, homework and helpful readings and/or resources.


To get started with a coach, we offer the Career Coaching Clarity package. This includes 6 sessions, each 50-60 minutes in length. Sessions are conducted via phone or video. You are also able to reach out to your coach in between sessions with questions or feedback requests.

Career Coaching Clarity package: $2,400.

After you complete the initial package, you and your coach can determine if there are additional goals you would like to work on.

The pricing for a-la-carte sessions will be at the rate of $350.

Because coaching is not a medical treatment, typically insurance will not cover the cost. Your employer may cover some of the cost of coaching. If you are a business owner, these sessions may be considered as a business expense on your taxes. You can learn more about it via this article and this page from the IRS.


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