Movement Therapy

Movement & Yoga Therapy

Join Natalie Makardish, certified yoga teacher, dance instructor, and eating disorder recovery specialist for an individualized virtual mindful yoga session. This will be a safe, supportive space to deepen or begin your yoga practice. Natalie will guide you in using meditation and yoga to nurture your body, mind, and soul. 

Most importantly, her sessions are about having fun, accessing internal joy, and enjoying the given experience within and outside our body. Loving and caring for our body through joyful and mindful movement allows space for self-resilience, pleasure, and peace outside of our movement practice.

When we move mindfully, we:

  • Get our emotions in motion
  • Hone our intuitive awareness
  • Strengthen our overall self-efficacy
  • We synchronize our mind and body toward individuation
  • We amplify our authentic self, thus we are available to feed the starving artist from within.

Natalie is also the founder of Empowered Artist Training and Fit Flow Fusion, unique curricula, and multifaceted kinetic approaches toward empowering her clientele through various healing modalities. Her interdisciplinary background in psychology, fitness, classical dance and theater invites an invigorating perspective toward educating and healing within the fitness, dance, and eating disorder recovery communities.


  • Individual movement session (60-75 min) $165

Training & Experience

  • Yoga Teacher Certification, RYT 200, Embody Truth San Francisco
  • Dance Movement Therapy, Rainbowdance, Sonoma

Natalie studied Dance, Theater, and Psychology at the University of California, Irvine, and went on to graduate school where she studied Depth Psychology at Sonoma State University. Her training in Jungian Analysis, Dance Movement Therapy, and Sports Psychology compliments her movement repertoire as a movement specialist and mental health consultant. She has instructed and designed mindful-movement curricula for dance academies and fitness studios.




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