Natalie Makardish, MA, RYT

Natalie subscribes to loving ourselves in our darkest spaces; embracing and shifting the strengths of our shadows and empowering our true Self through metaphor and symbolism. Her ‘heartwork’ encourages oneself to explore the relationship between unconscious intentions and unwanted behavioral patterns for a more conscious, balanced, and nourished life. This often applies to the behaviors of an eating disorder and her clients have found lasting healing from their work together.

Additionally, her sessions also make space for having fun, accessing internal joy, and enjoying the given experience within and outside our bodies. Loving and caring for our body through joyful and mindful movement allows space for self-resilience, pleasure, and peace outside of our movement practice.


  • Depth Psychology Coaching
  • Movement Therapy and Mindful Yoga
  • Body Awareness Personal Training
  • Body Positive Fitness Classes

How I work

  • Holistic Movement Practice accessible to all ages, backgrounds, and abilities
  • Applied Metaphor and Symbolism to reveal alternative perspectives
  • Reframing Body Shame and Blame
  • Redirecting Self-Harm toward Self-Care
  • Navigating Grief and Loss
  • Dream Analysis and Symbolism
  • Encouraging Play, Accessing Internal Joy and Celebrating our Body through Mindful Movement

Degrees & Education

  • Master’s Degree, Depth Psychology, Sonoma State University
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology and Dance, Social Behavior, University of California, Irvine
  • Yoga Teacher Certification, RYT 200, Embody Truth San Francisco
  • Dance Movement Therapy, Rainbowdance, Sonoma

Training & Experience

Natalie studied Dance, Theater, and Psychology at the University of California, Irvine, and went on to graduate school where she studied Depth Psychology at Sonoma State University. Her training in Jungian Analysis, Dance Movement Therapy, and Sports Psychology compliments her movement repertoire as a movement specialist and mental health consultant. She has instructed and designed mindful-movement curricula for dance academies and fitness studios; facilitated therapeutic groups within intensive eating disorder and substance abuse treatment programs; and sits on two non-profit boards that provide awareness, education, and resources for individuals and families who are on their path to healing and recovery from an eating disorder.

Natalie has provided treatment for:

  • Novice and Professional Athletes
  • Novice and Professional Dancers
  • Eating Disorder Recovery Warriors
  • Substance Abuse and Alcohol Recovery Warriors
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma
  • Chronic Illness and Autoimmune Disease
  • Physical and Emotional Pain


Client Testimonials

Natalie is incredible! She’s really helped me make deeper connections between my eating disorder and other aspects of my life. I feel like when I leave sessions with her, I am instantly more relaxed and less anxious. I feel like I am making positive strides toward being the person I want to be, and Natalie has been invaluable in that process. Even just in the few weeks I’ve been seeing Natalie, I’ve noticed my symptoms becoming more manageable. She’s the best!


“Natalie was great and I feel like after having counseling with her, I was able to process everything that I needed to address. Feeling much better now. Lost all the weight that I had initially gained from overeating and am now focusing on health and feeling good. Feel so grateful for my time with her! 100% awesome.


“My experience with Natalie was excellent, though short lived by my choice. She challenged me to understand my issues with food and fat are a mask for deeper issues. I was not ready at this time to dig into what are the underlying issues at play. I’m grateful for the resources and insight she provided during our few sessions together.”


“Natalie has supported me through multiple personal and family-related challenges with kindness and deep compassion. She’s an exceptional counselor, and an extraordinary human being.”


“Natalie has been an amazing support for me during my recovery, and has helped me understand my eating disorder and patterns of behavior really well. She is a gem!”