Evolve is a collaboration of experienced clinicians dedicated to providing personalized care. We support our clients in creating a life of balance, connection and authenticity.


Individual Therapy
Therapy provides the space to have a greater understanding of our thought and behavior patterns that may be getting in the way of living the lives we desire. We work with adults seeking support in healing their disordered eating, anxiety, depression and relationships in a holistic way.
Group Therapy
Group therapy can be an incredibly supportive and encouraging space to heal. Creating authentic relationships with peers who are also desiring a greater sense of balance in their lives can strengthen your resolve in your own recovery and self-care. We offer weekly groups and workshop series.
Nutrition Therapy
Nutrition therapy offers personalized support towards greater understanding of your own body’s needs around diet and exercise. Drawing from the Intuitive Eating approach, you will be guided to reconnect with your body and it’s natural cues, ultimately freeing you from overthinking your food and mistrusting your body.
Yoga Therapy
Yoga is a powerful form of movement that can be very restorative, nurturing and healing. Through one on one Yoga therapy, you are able to bridge the emotional and physical components of recovery.