We offer a range of services for adults ages 18+ and currently have same-week availability for most of our services.  


Individual therapy

 Beginning or restarting therapy is an important decision. Making space in your life to address your mental health can be life-changing. We want to make the process of finding a therapist a simple one. In your complimentary intake call, we will match you with an Evolve clinician based on your unique needs.


Nutrition counseling

Working with a dietitian will help you understand your body’s unique nutrition needs. Our dietitians are experts in treating Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating and other forms of disordered eating.


Life & career coaching

If you are seeking individualized support to address career and life goals, our coaches are available to help you take the steps toward achieving them.


Movement therapy & physical training

Movement therapy helps you develop an attuned relationship with your body to improve mental & physical well-being.


Group therapy

Group therapy offers peer support & an authentic connection with others that can help you quickly shift your perspective for change.


Family & Couples Therapy

It can be challenging but often some of the most healing work occurs in family therapy. Our clinicians are sensitive to the needs of all involved and hold a safe space for understanding and positive change to occur.


Consultation for families & loved ones

We are available to provide guidance on recovery education as well as decisions regarding treatment options for concerned family members and friends.


Training & Supervision

Many of our clinicians hold supervisory certification including the certified eating disorders specialist designation. We are happy to speak with other professionals needing consultation regarding eating disorder treatment.



We welcome you to reach out to answer any questions you have. Getting started is easy.

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“As a fellow mental healthcare provider, Shrein’s team at Evolve is my go-to when referring clients for support around food, body image, and exercise.  

I deeply appreciate their holistic, non-diet approach to reclaiming a peaceful, intuitive relationship with one’s weight, eating, and self-image.  They offer so many different forms of support — individual therapy, group therapy, nutrition consulting, online courses, etc. — so it’s an easy fit for anyone I send their way.

 I always know that those I refer to Evolve will be well cared for, receiving both compassion and deep healing alongside actionable tools.” – Jessica Engle, MFT


“As a Bay Area clinician who specializes in disordered eating and body image resiliency, I recommend many of my clients to Evolve’s groups and their nutrition counseling.

They have so many offerings to meet each person where they are, whether new to therapy or having come from years of treatment.

Their clinicians are highly skilled, with a health at every size and intuitive eating approach. Evolve is a valuable resource in the bay community. I highly recommend.” – Kari Floberg, MFT


“Shrein and her team are all highly competent and well regarded in the eating disorder community.

As a clinical director of an eating disorder treatment center in SF I frequently referred clients to Evolve and have always felt a great deal of trust in their individual and group services.” – Tamsin Goldsmith, MFT