We believe in creating a relationship with our clients in which they feel understood and treated with compassion and respect. Our team works from a client-centered approach, creating a treatment plan tailored to address your needs and goals. We strive towards striking a balance between bringing our training and education to the work while honoring your unique life story and journey. Further, you should feel empowered to voice your needs and enjoy the journey while instilling the hope of reaching the desired destination.


All Evolve clinicians have specialized training in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Additionally, many of the clinicians have experience working in community non-profit settings to treatment programs ranging from inpatient to outpatient day programs. As a result, their work as an outpatient provider blends this unique training to remain focused on the goals and the benefits of a structured and/or team approach. When working with an Evolve clinician, our clients have access to additional complimentary support including consultations or ongoing sessions with a dietitian, movement therapist, mental performance consultant, and/or group therapy.  To learn more about our therapeutic approaches, click here


For those struggling with disordered eating, we offer a team approach that supports our clients in rapidly achieving improvement in their physical and mental health. We utilize evidence-based techniques alongside Intuitive Eating, Mindful Self-Compassion, and Health at Every Size approaches. Our clients are often new to recovery or have had supportive treatment in the past, but would like to revisit or deepen their recovery.


Lastly, we’ve taken special care to create an environment in our offices that is professional yet calming and inviting. We have a lending library of self-care/self-help related books that we share with our clients to reinforce the work outside of the session. To learn more about each clinician, you can find their bios by clicking here for San Francisco clinicians and here for our Los Angeles and virtual clinicians.