Bri Byrne, LMFT

Evolve Therapist

Most people come into therapy in the midst of a crisis. Usually they have been sitting on their feelings and anxieties for weeks before they seek help. They come into that first session, and their immediate goal is to make the pain stop as quickly as possible. I am much more interested in getting to know your pain than in getting rid of it. I want to know where the pain stems from, how you suppress it, why it scares you and from whom you hide it. That way we aren’t “fixing” your pain in this moment, but we are preparing for the next time life inevitably throws a new version of that pain your way.


How I Work

My clinical approach is insight-oriented and very much based on the relationship that you and I build together. I will devote myself during the session to attuning to your feelings, your story and your needs. In funny moments, we will laugh. In moments where it is hard for you to take accountability, I promise not to let you off the hook. Using this honest and safe relationship, we will get the chance to understand how you operate in relationships that are not as safe. We will explore how your relationships with food and body became deeply unsafe. If self-destructive behaviors are sabotaging your progress, I will use more directive and concrete modalities, such as CBT and DBT, to remind you of your coping skills.


My Why

I am fascinated by the mysterious relationship between the physical and the emotional. Our bodies oftentimes become both the source and the canvas for our pain. Food becomes the vehicle to finally feel our emotions or numb them out completely. Therapy is a beautiful opportunity to unravel each client’s unique story of this physical and emotional connection.


Skills and Clinical Experience

I have over 15 years of experience working with individuals and families in the East Bay. After starting off in school-based mental health, I decided to specialize in the treatment of eating disorders. I have experience working with men, women and adolescents at every level of care in eating disorder treatment. I am currently the clinical coordinator and main group psychotherapist for Alta Bates Eating Disorder PHP program at Herrick Hospital.


License & Education

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 77517
  • Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, University of San Francisco
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Claremont McKenna College


Bri’s Office