Stop Bingeing, Start Living: Proven Therapeutic Strategies for Breaking the Binge Eating Cycle


Break the binge eating cycle with recovery-oriented, CBT, and mindfulness strategies.

A healthy relationship with food also includes how we think and feel about ourselves. Healing both mind and body, Stop Bingeing, Start Living arms you with proven therapeutic and wellness strategies to free yourself from self-judgment and finally put an end to binge eating.

Through intuitive and mindful eating activities, these strategies show you how to listen to your body to change your relationship with food. Combined with highly effective CBT exercises, you’ll learn how to rewire your brain to overcome urges and strengthen your mind-body-soul connection.

Stop Bingeing, Start Living arms you with integrative, concrete tools that you can apply in your day-to-day life, and includes:

  • An introduction that helps you better understand your relationship to food, complete with the latest research and reflective exercises.
  • A holistic plan that uses CBT, ACT, and mindfulness therapies to help you eat mindfully and intuitively.
  • A recovery toolbox that includes actionable strategies and exercises such as self-assessments, reflective prompts, and goal-setting exercises to guide you through your journey.

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Imagine a new vision for your life wherein you can live without a constant focus on weight and food. To turn that vision into a reality, Stop Bingeing, Start Living equips you with actionable strategies to start managing emotions and stop binge eating.



Reviews for Stop Bingeing, Start Living

This book is game changing. Emotional eating, overreating, mindless eating, binge eating…it covers it all. Gently and compassionately, this book manages to get right down to the evidence-based concrete tools that are fundamental to breaking free from the feast-famine roller coaster. This is an interactive book – and if you do the journal prompts, even just making notes in the margins, I promise light bulbs will go off…lightbulbs that you can’t and won’t want to turn back on. I felt my perspective expanding in what a relationship to food and body image can look like with concepts like intuitive eating, mindfulness, self compassion and health at every size. This is a book I re-reference often. A must-read for anyone looking to heal their relationship with food and drop the rope when it comes to the restrict-binge tug of war.


The Loneliness Companion – A Practical Guide for Improving Your Self-Esteem and Finding Comfort in Yourself

Find solace in solitude―a practical guide to overcoming loneliness.

Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Consider taking time to reflect, regroup, and reconnect with the most important person in your life―youThe Loneliness Companion can help you cope with feelings of alienation and isolation while finding comfort and community in our hyper-connected modern world.

Learn how to boost self-confidence and build self-esteem. The Loneliness Companion delivers real, actionable exercises and evidence-based strategies so you can navigate loneliness, heal from past relationships, and gain a healthier, positive approach to dating and romantic relationships.

The Loneliness Companion includes:

  • Helpful terms―Explore the meaning, causes, and elements of loneliness―as it relates to breakups, being single, and beyond.
  • Simple solutions―Powerful tools like meditation and visualization can help you gain confidence and self-esteem.
  • Practice makes perfect―Apply new skills to your relationships with others and throughout your life.
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Get the tools―and encouragement―you need to be happy and productive even when you’re alone.




Reviews for The Loneliness Companion