Evolve Wellness fees are comparable to other clincians in the Bay Area with similar specialties and levels of training. Our fees include any consulting necessary with outside providers. Particularly for those seeking eating disorder treatment, we will often consult with your doctors, dietitians, and/or psychiatrists.

We have sliding scale spots reserved for those with income limitations. We also offer a comprehensive self-led online course on healing disordered eating.


All Evolve clinicians are out-of-network providers. If your insurance offers out-of-network benefits, we will provide a receipt documenting the date of sessions and payment received. Absolutely no confidential information will be shared unless requested by you.

To determine your benefits, please call the customer support number on your insurance card and ask the following questions:

  • Does my plan cover out-of-network providers?
  • Do I have a deductible? If so, how much of my deductible have I met thus far?
  • Will the full session fee be covered or a percentage?
  • What information do I need from my provider?
  • Where do I send my claims and/or statements from my provider?

We recommend Mentaya to help our clients determine benefits eligibility as well as easily submit, track, and process insurance superbills. 


You’re welcome to reach out to us to schedule a complimentary call.

We hope that you take the next step & look forward to supporting you!




    Evolve Wellness Group is a holistically oriented wellness center that specializes in Eating Disorders, body image, and disordered eating. It’s great because it offers nutritional and group counseling in addition to therapy and addresses the whole person. I trust this highly skilled team and refer to it regularly. – Lauren Korshak, MFT


    I cannot recommend Evolve Wellness Group enough. Evolve offers individual, group, and nutrition therapy. They see each client as a whole person and this holistic model allows them to tailor each treatment plan based on the individual client’s needs. I’ve referred many clients to Evolve and often consult with Shrein because of her expertise in a number of areas such as eating disorders, self-esteem, body image, mindfulness, and self-acceptance. – Tess Brigham, MFT