Catherine Mevs, MS

It’s a tricky tightrope to navigate, finding career success and also maintaining healthy boundaries. Whether it’s navigating a challenging environment, achieving goals like promotion/raise or deciding on a total career change, I help clients find their way forward.


How I work

My coaching approach focuses on the three key areas that tend to unlock career issues big and small — (1) finding your voice (2) highlighting your value and (3) getting clear on your vision. At the same time, we’ll discuss how you’re taking care of yourself and integrate practices to avoid/alleviate burnout. Over a set number of coaching sessions, we’ll clarify the areas you want to focus on, deep-dive to uncover blocks, and implement strategies. You’ll always leave our sessions with a greater sense of your own worthiness and clear next steps.


My why

I spent over thirteen years working in advertising, developing marketing strategies for brands like L’Oréal Paris, GE, Microsoft, Intel, Bank of America, and more. Through my own experiences in agencies and via my clients, I’ve been inside a variety of workplaces and have seen the common frustrations holding people back from their true potential — toxic cultures, office politics, miscommunication, and more.

In navigating these challenges myself, I realized that a huge part of career success centers on how you communicate your ideas, your concerns, your value, and your vision. While I’ve used these insights to further my career, I’ve gotten the most joy from sharing my approaches with friends and colleagues and watching them succeed as a result. As part of my own journey, I realized I wanted to help people not only achieve their career goals but to have sustainable success. That means feeling more grounded in their work as well as connected to their overall wellness and sense of self.


Education & Experience

  • Leadership Communications Trainer, OVID Inc.
  • Master’s Degree, Strategic Communication, Columbia University
  • Bachelor’s Degree, English and Creative Writing, Princeton University



“From day one, Cathy encouraged me to think differently about my career. She guided me to pinpoint the types of projects I enjoyed working on to then identify potential career opportunities that would allow me to explore my strengths and interests. Cathy was instrumental in preparing me for raise and promotion conversations, giving me the confidence I needed to be more direct and successful. Under her coaching, I learned to think more strategically about my career and am more empowered to advocate for myself.”

“Cathy applies the same communication tools that she has successfully employed in her brand strategy work to just about any career conundrum. She is brilliant, without being pedantic or condescending. She always listens without judgment and asks insightful questions before laying out a thoughtful blueprint for the next steps to take.”


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