Leah Ehinger, MSW, ASW

Client Care Coordinator

I believe that each person has an incredible wealth of internal wisdom that brought them to Evolve and my goal is to steward them on the initial steps of their journey to wellness by listening empathically to their specific needs and matching them with the best care at their unique stage of healing. I work with each individual to assess their needs and match them with a clinician who will best suit their unique needs.

How I Work

I believe that humans are worthy of love and self-determination. I meet people where they are at and enjoy ushering them on the path towards their own healing.

My Why

In a world where it is common to feel disconnected from our bodies, I want to support others on their journey back home to themselves within their physical bodies and to feel safe there. At this stage of humanity, I think it is important to create a safe space for people to enter and let go of the challenges of daily living. I believe that we are all deserving of love, freedom, and pleasure and that a life filled with these qualities is achievable and possible for all.

Degrees & Education

  • Indiana University Bloomington – Bachelor in Science in Kinesiology
  • Indiana University Indianapolis – Master in Social Work
  • California Associate Clinical Social Work License #ASW-100012

Training & Experience

I have experience working in the private practice therapy setting with women who are experiencing burnout, stress, and life changes.  My therapeutic focus is somatically based, meaning that the foundation of my healing practices emerges from the internal wisdom in the body. I teach clients to deeply explore their inner worlds and help them interpret their experiences using a “bottom-up” approach including breathing and visualization exercises. I have a 60-hour Somatic Trauma Therapy Training certificate and am a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. I also have experience organizationally working for a national education nonprofit as well as completing programmatic, organizational, and community assessments and evaluations.

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