Why Not?

I’ve often found myself asking my clients this question. Whether recovery is something they believe they can’t do, shouldn’t do, or don’t deserve.

Frequently, when people come to therapy, they are asking for a permission slip to listen to their own intuition.

They want to make sure it’s okay to make their own decision and go against other people’s expectations or make a choice they believe is right for them.

Yet, therapy isn’t about therapists writing permission slips. It’s about you giving yourself permission to make a change.

We ask questions and invite clients to rethink their limitations, beliefs, and relationships – sometimes with a little directive nudging.

A simple ‘Why Not’ can highlight a limiting belief that hadn’t yet been challenged.

I encourage us all to ask ourselves ‘Why Not?’ when we find our brains telling us “You can’t”, “You shouldn’t”, or “I don’t want to do this”.

Ask ‘Why Not’ and listen for the answer; check it out with someone you trust, and challenge assumptions.

It’s ok to write your own permission slips.

Why Not?


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Written by Cora Keene, LMFT

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