3 Key Benefits of Joining a Process Group

Do you often feel isolated and think you are the only one trying to navigate the challenging road to recovery? Do you feel shame or embarrassment for struggling and fear opening up to others?

As individuals, we bring a unique blend of experiences, thoughts, and beliefs that impact our healing process. When under the care of a clinician, your specific life experiences are the center of attention.

This type of support is undoubtedly helpful to feel seen and heard, as well as to receive guidance on the ways to address problematic issues in one’s life. Yet when one is struggling with feelings such as isolation or disconnection, group therapy can do wonders in healing the thoughts and fears that can keep someone stuck.

Here are three key takeaways or benefits of joining a process group:

  1. You’ll be able to trust in the knowledge that you are not alone. 
  2. You will feel emotionally stronger.
  3. Community is vital in the healing process. 

Key 1: You are not alone

According to the National Eating Disorder Association, 30 million people living in America struggle with the challenges of disordered eating. Clearly, you are not alone in this struggle yet trying to heal on your own will lead to feeling isolated and lonely.

When in a process group, the facilitator carefully considers how the group members will be able to relate and connect with one another around similar experiences and perspectives. With the support of a group, you will not have to traverse the path of healing alone.

Key 2: There is incredible strength in sharing your story

Some effects of disordered eating include shame and critical self-thinking. A way to transcend shame is to share your story in a safe space with people who will accept and provide empathy.

A process group is a perfect space to not only share your own story but to hear the stories of others who are experiencing similar challenges as you. This process of sharing and receiving from other group members is crucial in releasing feelings of shame and replacing them with feelings of relief and acceptance.

Key 3: Community is vital in the healing process

Yes, it may feel much more daunting to involve others in your recovery journey but it is one of the best ways to reach your goals faster. Support and accountability are major contributors to a stable and long-lasting recovery.

A process group provides a safe space to explore individual experiences as well as larger collective beliefs and feelings relative to fatphobia and diet culture. Actively listening to the stories of others with compassion, allows one to gradually allow for more self-compassion. 

Recognizing that you are not alone, sharing your story, and connecting with a community of like-minded people with similar experiences will help you transcend isolation and shame.

Joining a process group will benefit and progress you in your healing journey. You’ll be able to gain a greater sense of self-compassion, connection, and acceptance. Community is a key piece to the puzzle of long-term healing from disordered eating.


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