Anxiety & Odd Food Habits

Our bodies are great communicators of our internal emotions, but the signs they send us can often be dismissed or ignored. As emotion and stress build without a healthy outlet, sometimes unhealthy habits can develop to help manage or numb the underlying anxiety.

Manifestations of anxiety

Odd behaviors with food can often be a way people deal with anxiety. This could show up as eating soon after a meal, even though the individual felt full just minutes ago. It could also manifest as an almost paralyzing indecisiveness around what to eat and extreme pressure to make the ‘right’ choice. 

Also, due to the internal stress and tension in the body, their ability to digest food may be hindered and persistent stomachaches may result. 

Understanding your anxiety

In order to heal your anxiety, you will need to become more aware of the patterns of unhealthy behaviors. Do they happen more in the morning, after a specific meeting, or at night before bed? It can be helpful to keep a small notepad nearby or use an app on your phone to track when anxiety shows up in your day. 

Managing anxiety

With more awareness, you can create targeted habits to address the anxiety before it gets so strong that the behaviors happen unconsciously. And when it does present itself, you can turn to healthier forms of self-care to navigate through it.

Addressing stress in general, such as deep breathing, and regular physical activity like stretching or walking mindfully can help when trying to manage anxiety. It’s important to get clear on what additional steps you can take that will work for you when stress is high.

For example, talking to a supportive person or writing down your feelings in a journal can provide relief and clarity.

Anxiety is a normal part of life, and sometimes it can be a sign of positive change or growth. But if it becomes too overwhelming or if you are struggling with disordered eating, support is key to healing.

Take the first step and reach out to us today.