Benefits of Meal Delivery Services

meal delivery, eating disorder, binge eating, healthy eating

You may have noticed the popularity of meal delivery services. There are some differences between each company that might make choosing one stressful. Yet, generally they all provide easy-to-prepare or heat-up meals that are delivered to your door.

meal delivery, eating disorder, binge eating, healthy eating

For someone in recovery from an eating disorder, this could be a helpful resource for a variety of reasons.

Benefits for those in recovery:

  • If you struggle with rigid food rules or feel stuck in a rut, a meal delivery service can help provide some variety and exposure to new foods.
  • It can help decrease anxiety around making meal decisions and foster great flexibility.
  • It can help minimize costs, guilt, or anxiety around food waste as you don’t have to buy special ingredients for certain recipes.
  • If you work long hours or have other obligations that leave less time for meal prep, i.e. grocery shopping, planning, and cooking, these meals can be a big time saver!
  • Pre-prepared meals can help someone with a busy lifestyle have nutrient-dense meals versus relying on last-minute decisions that may trigger a binge.
  • Trying this service could benefit those who are not confident in the kitchen and would like a gentle introduction to cooking.

How to choose which company to try

meal delivery, eating disorder, binge eating, healthy eating

We recommend choosing a company that offers adequate portions from all different macronutrient groups. They should be promoting the adequacy of meals more so than restriction or weight loss benefits.

Keep an eye out for messaging that feels inclusive of all different types of foods, food groups, and cultural foods. Try to aim for services that do not promote weight loss or demonize certain nutrient groups.

For those who like a lot of choices, seek out a company with a larger amount of options. Alternatively, if you want to keep it simple, choose one with a limited menu.

You may need to answer a few questions regarding your likes and dislikes, and then the choices are made for you. We recommend taking advantage of the promotions most companies offer to discover the right fit for you.

Taking advantage of these services can be a helpful step to having a more balanced and adequate nutrition intake. It can also open the door to feeling more empowered and capable in the kitchen.



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Journaling is a very helpful tool for clients recovering from an eating disorder.

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