Clinician Spotlight: Geeta Kerawalla, LCSW, PPSC

Geeta Kerawalla believes that in turning toward our suffering, we can begin to heal. As a licensed clinical social worker for the past 20+ years, she has explored various therapeutic settings—schools, hospitals, in-home support—but six years ago she found the eating disorder treatment community, and she hasn’t looked back since.

She is committed to an anti-racist, culturally sensitive approach to help clients confront their eating disorders with self-compassion and clarity. Geeta is passionate about being able to provide access to therapy for people of color who may have fearful or negative beliefs about mental health care.

Therapy provides a unique opportunity to experience a non-judgmental connection with another person who is there to validate and help you explore your life experiences. One of Geeta’s favorite parts of her job is being able to provide that support and perspective for others.

Currently, she combines private practice work with her role at a residential eating disorder program as the director of clinical services, and she finds the combination fulfilling and challenging in the best ways.

Contributing to someone’s healing and self exploration is a privilege that she takes seriously. “Unless Janet Jackson calls and needs a backup dancer—then I’m gone!” she laughs. If you would like to learn more about Geeta’s training and approaches to recovery click here.

Geeta’s 3 reasons for why you should seek out therapy:

  1. Gain insight about a situation, behavior, or relationship
  2. Reduce suffering
  3. Catch problematic thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you


Taking care of your mental health is an act of self-love.

Evolve offers individual, nutrition & group therapy using evidence-based techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy along with mindfulness & other holistic approaches.

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“When I had my first session with my therapist I could tell this experience was going to be different. I finally feel the right balance of cared for and challenged.”