Clinician Spotlight: Nicole Klawitter, RD

Growing up, Nicole witnessed a lot of negative body talk within her family, particularly about her grandmother as she was in a larger body. At the time, she felt uncomfortable and now understands more fully how harmful vs. helpful these discussions were for her grandmother and her family members. 

As a registered dietitian (RD), Nicole provides the type of support her grandmother could have benefited from. For the last 14 years, she has helped adults and teens address their disordered eating and find their way toward healing. Nicole has helped those requiring the highest level of care, in hospitals as well as in individualized outpatient programs (IOP, PHP) and private practice. 

Using food logs with her clients is one of her most helpful recovery tools as they help the client become more aware of the subtle emotions connected with eating. This can help bring to the surface the harmful food beliefs that often keep people stuck in their disordered eating. As progress is made in breaking free of negative habits, she helps her clients feel more grounded in discovering their true balanced, joyful way of eating.

Her favorite part of being an RD? Helping her clients build their support network in addition to their work together. She sees how positive it is to expand the trust that is created in session to supportive friends and loved ones. Opening up to more support can foster greater accountability and dedication to reaching their recovery goals.

Lastly, In addition to helping humans, Nicole fosters dogs in her spare time. And on weekends you may find her enjoying a concert, taking care of her 3 rescue pups, or learning to play the drums. 🥁

Nicole’s key steps to recovery:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Hard work
  • A great therapist

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