Clinician Spotlight: Natalie Makardish

Natalie Makardish, MA, RYT is our Health and Wellness Coach at Evolve Wellness Group. She brings over a decade of counseling and movement experience to her work with Evolve clients. Natalie believes the journey of healing from disordered eating requires connecting to the feelings in the body and subsequently your intuition.

Sessions with Natalie

Typically, Natalie will guide her clients through a combination of talk and movement in order to create a safe space to feel bodily sensations and together process emotions that arise. Sessions with Natalie include pranayama breathing techniques, yoga and dance movement practices, and dream analysis.

Connection is at the heart of Natalie Makardish’s approach to helping her clients recover. She facilitates “mind-body reunions” in her sessions, using a combination of mindful movement and wellness coaching.

When we bring more awareness to our bodies, unwanted memories may arise. Natalie creates a safe space for her clients to be present in their bodies and allow their intuition and inner guidance to come through.

What inspires her work

Natalie’s passion for moving and connecting with the body began in the world of professional dance, where her love of dancing morphed into a search for approval and worth. This led to a disordered state of mind and living, but with the help of family, Natalie found therapy and in time, her authentic self.

She is now honored to share space with individuals who want to connect with their body and heart. As one client put it, Natalie cultivates a vibration of love.

Natalie believes a key component of recovery is connection.

Connect, connect, connect. Connect with a friend, colleague, family, and/or a professional. Stay connected!


Interested in working with Natalie? She is available to work with individuals via telehealth.

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